NRCIA Welcomes A New Inspector, Lorenzo of LVM Roofing Services!

Lorenzo Virgen Mendoza

(909) 559-5784


(San Bernardino, CA) – The NRCIA is proud to introduce its newest Certified Roof Inspector, Lorenzo Virgen Mendoza. As a new member of the NRCIA, Lorenzo will help further the NRCIA’s goal of building confidence and credibility in the roofing industry.


Lorenzo Virgen Mendoza is the owner of  LVM Roofing Services. He started working in the San Bernardino area this year. LVM Roofing Services’ mission is to provide exceptional value in meeting the roofing needs of homeowners and the real estate community, with consistent and high standards of service and professionalism.


Lorenzo has completed the NRCIA’s comprehensive training curriculum and is an NRCIA professionally accredited roof inspector. He is ready to serve the community by inspecting, counseling, and certifying roofs according to the NRCIA’s thorough standards.


We are excited for Lorenzo‘s next step as a roofing professional!


If your roof needs to be inspected or certified, contact the NRCIA today!