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NRCIA Facebook Community Page   NRCIA has opened a new community page for homeowners & members to engage and connect with each other!   To access this group, click the link above and join the page. We will also post contests, surveys, and some of our industry insights on this member’s only group.   Don’t miss out on anything, join today!  
Lorenzo Virgen Mendoza (909) 559-5784 https://lv-m-roofing-services (San Bernardino, CA) – The NRCIA is proud to introduce its newest Certified Roof Inspector, Lorenzo Virgen Mendoza. As a new member of the NRCIA, Lorenzo will help further the NRCIA’s goal of building confidence and credibility in the roofing industry.   Lorenzo Virgen Mendoza is the owner of  LVM Roofing Services. He started working in the San Bernardino area this year. LVM Roofing Services’ mission is to
Tile roofing is expected to last an entire lifetime, but you may find yourself in need of a tile roof replacement or repair due to leaks caused by damaged flashing, sagging tiles, cracks, worn-out underlayment, or slipping. Repairing the issues as soon as you notice them is one way to avoid a full roof replacement, but this may be necessary in some cases. The damage will get worse and worse if you don’t address it,
The NRCIA is excited to announce launching our new course for members by the end of September 2021. Watch behind-the-scenes footage below of filming our upcoming course, “Red Flags: When to Recommend an NRCIA LeakFREE® Roof Inspection and Certification,” exclusively for NRCIA Affiliate members.   
Wind can come in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, microbursts or downdrafts. There are high winds and gusts in some instances that last just a few minutes, and there are sustaining winds that may last for days. While wind can be a powerful asset, it can also pose a significant danger at times. On an individual basis, it can be valuable to understand the impact of high winds and how we can best protect
Solar panels convert light from the sun into electricity. They are used to charge remote power systems, operate telecommunications equipment, and keep homes and businesses running. Although a solar array requires a substantial initial investment, solar panels are an energy-efficient upgrade that have many benefits, including major cost savings that can make the array worthwhile. At one time, these systems were an uncommon feature on homes and businesses. Today, they can be found on structures
Most people in the market to purchase a new home trust that a professional home inspector will perform a thorough evaluation of their potential new property. In fact, the majority of people are so used to the idea of home inspections that they seldom think twice about where the concept came from in the first place.  The truth is home inspections, in their current form, are actually quite new to the real estate industry. Our
Asphalt based shingles have four layers. During the aging process the two asphalt layers begin to contract around the base mat layer. The base mat layer is commonly a fiberglass layer and will not shrink. As the asphalt layers contract they will pull on the mat layer causing it to pull away from the layer of shingle underneath giving the edge a curl look. Typical curling looks like this with shingle roofs: OR   It
Having your roof repaired or replaced is a daunting endeavor. There will be four to six workers on your roof making noise and exposing your property to potential water intrusion if not conducted properly. The financial exposure is significant given the potential losses, and this is with homeowner’s insurance. So how do you select a professional roofing contractor to minimize this risk and ensure that your roof project is executed in the best possible manner?
Many roofing contractors offer a ‘Free’ estimate for services to your roof. From the homeowner’s perspective, this is a price to perform the services they explain. However, estimates are just that; in accordance with Webster’s Dictionary, estimates are “an approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something”. In general, you want an accurate assessment of what it will cost to perform the services and supply the materials to do the

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