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Insurance Claim Inspections

Quality roof inspections provided by NRCIA Members

Do you have roof damage and want to see if the insurance company will extend coverage? Do you need the roof damage properly documented to present to the insurance company? Do you want another professional evaluation of a denied claim? Do you represent an insurance company and are looking for third-party inspections to determine whether coverage applies? Please fill out our  insurance inspection request form for more information or visit our Directory to find an NRCIA member near you.

Forensic ROOF® Inspection

For insurance claim roof assessments that are specific or technical in nature, you will need a Forensic ROOF® inspection. This is a customized roof inspection restricted to comprehensively evaluating a select attribute of the roofing system like an insurance claim evaluation, third-party damage responsibility evaluation, or referral to a specialist. Independent experts are trained in their specific areas of expertise. Each Forensic ROOF® inspection is priced and conducted, and each Forensic ROOF® report is written according to the services requested and tests required. Our Forensic ROOF® inspection report is preferred in most insurance claims and legal cases. Speak to your NRCIA Forensic ROOF® inspector for more information.

What does a roof inspection look like?

We’ve discussed why an inspection of the roof is necessary and the different types of roof inspections. Now, let’s break down a roof inspection by an NRCIA Certified Roof Inspector. Below is a video highlighting the zones an inspector will work through to assess the health of your roof system. Our instructor will also provide informative commentary on what inspectors look for both inside and outside the property.

Sample Insurance Claim Roof Inspection Report

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