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ROI and Payback Period Calculator

Return on Investment (ROI) is the annual return you receive on an investment, displayed as a percentage. For example, if the bank is offering a 5% interest rate, then you intuitively know a deposit of $100 today will return an additional $5 a year from now, making the ROI 5%. Payback Period is nothing more than time needed before you recover your investment. Let’s go back to our $100 investment, but make the annual return $50 (or a 50% ROI). If you receive $50 every year, it will take two years to recover your $100 investment, making your Payback Period two years.

NRCIA’s Recurring Revenue Cycle




NRCIA Domains

NRCIA owns several dozen domains that will guide homeowners and your other end-users in their search to NRCIA services and, ultimately, to you. Here is a partial list of NRCIA domains that could directly benefit your sales funnel via leads.

Overview of the NRCIA

Joining the NRCIA is not always a decision for one person to make. We’ve put together a simple slide deck for you to share with your team and colleagues. It is a great guiding point for those interested in what the NRCIA has to offer for members.

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