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Inspection Software

One of the primary reasons roofers choose an NRCIA membership is access to on-the-job tools, like our inspection software and resource center. NRCIA’s InspectionPLUS software houses a full resource center available to Certified, Forensic, and Authorized Company memberships, containing six primary areas:


Roof Inspection Reporting – This streamlined roof inspection reporting function, available both online and in our smartphone app, allows roof inspectors to easily mass upload numerous inspection photos by inspection zone, assign customizable or pre-set library observations and remedies, and present their inspection findings in the highest professional, consultative, and transparent manner and in a way that communicates confidence and credibility to end-consumers.


Proposal Estimating – Our software’s proposal estimating capability supplements our inspection reporting function. It allows inspectors to create detailed good-better-best proposals and incorporate specific inclusions, exclusions, assumptions, and variables of the project for total transparency. Once a proposal is approved by an end-consumer, our software can also create and send a detailed contract, signable with e-signature.


Roof Certification Issuance – Our software enables members to issue our LeakFREE® Roof Certification, the first and preferred nationwide roof certification, on qualifying roofs. This certification has stood the test of time and has limited roofers’ liability while still instilling confidence in homeowners. Our software tracks certification anniversaries and expirations to offer a source of highly valued recurring revenue for members.


Customer Notification Templates – Dozens of customer notification templates are available for customization and dynamic text, and, once activated, its automation and customer tracking will meet your mainstream CRM needs.


Industry Documents – Many federal, state, local, and manufacturer compliance documents are available to use as a resource. Each member can safely store their own company documents related to their organization’s policies, procedures, processes, and marketing or sales material for easy company-wide access. Documents can then be automatically or manually included in inspection reports to assist with sales conversion.


Customer Metrics – Our software can track critical metrics, ranging from various service conversion rates to profit and salespeople commissions, to help members focus on strategy and quality decisions.

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