Software Update – Outbound Emails in InspectionPLUS

We have updated how emails are sent from InspectionPLUS. Originally when you emailed a client from InspectionPLUS (example: publishing and sending them an inspection report) the ‘from:’ address was


Now with the update, you can enable it so that any emails sent from InspectionPLUS will come from your email address. This will make it easier for you and your clients to better communicate any questions or issues.


Enabling this is not required but recommended. If you do not change anything, report emails will continue to be sent from


Below are step-by-step instructions. If you need help, please email and request a video call.


Table of Contents

Part 1: Prepare your email information 

Part 2: Update your inspector email

Part 3: Update your company email




Part 1: Prepare your email information


You will need to know the following information

-Your email address (

-Your email password

-Your outgoing mail server (aka SMTP Server)

-Your outgoing server port (aka SMTP Port)



How to find your outgoing SMTP Server


SMTP Server for Gmail:

SMTP Server for Outlook:

SMTP Server for AOL:

SMTP Server for Yahoo:

SMTP Server for ICloud:

SMTP Server for Comcast:



How to find your outgoing SMTP Port


SMTP Server for Gmail: 587

SMTP Server for Outlook: 587

SMTP Server for AOL: 587

SMTP Server for Yahoo: 587 or 465

SMTP Server for ICloud: 587

SMTP Server for Comcast: 587


Part 2: Update your inspector email


Upon logging into InspectionPLUS, click “My Profile” and then click the submenu labeled “Member Update.

Picture of main menu with Profile and Member update highlighted


Next, you will need to enter the information you collected in Part 1. Reminder, the email password is your personal email password, not your login password.

Picture of highlted fields that need to be updated in "Member Update"


Click “Test” to confirm the settings. If it is properly processed you will see a green confirmation box(1) and receive a test email (2). Your personal inspector email is now setup!


(1)Picture showing success message


Example of the test email received



Part 3: Update your company email


The company email can be set so that all emails from one company come from a specific email address instead of individual inspector emails. You can also add a separate email for accounting.


To adjust the Company Email settings, you will need to make sure your role (found on the upper right hand side) is changed to “Company”

Picture showing role


Click “My Profile” and then click the submenu labeled “Company Emails”

Picture highlighting how to find company emails


Click “+Add Company Emails”

Pciture showing add company emails button


Add in the information for your email and click “Save”. Refer to Part 1 for how to find your email server and port information.

Picture showing fields to complete for company email


Your company email is now set up. You can see which emails are active and if they are set to primary and accounting by viewing the taskbar. You can also send a test email to make sure the connection works by clicking the mail icon (highlighted in yellow below)

Picture highlighting send test email button


Please note that you can add multiple emails and edit/adjust them at any time. Here is an example from one NRCIA member

Example of different email setups




There is one extra step that gmail users will need to complete to enabled outbound emailing from InspectionPLUS. You will need to allow access for less-secured apps. Follow the steps below to finalize your setup.


Go to your Google account settings page:


Click “Security” in the left-hand menu

Picture showing where security is located in menu


Scroll down to the section labeled “Less secure app access” and click “>”

Picture showing how to access Less secure apps access


Turn on the less secure app access feature




Your email is all set! If you run into any issues pre or post-adjustment, please contact




Great Example of An Inspection Report

Below is an inspection report compiled and published by Jeff B of Cert-A-Roof. Note the detail that was put into this report which provides homeowners with actionable insight into the health of their roof system.





Want to learn how to better utilize InspectionPLUS?


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New Preferred Partner: RAES

NRCIA is excited to announce our new partnership with RAES!


RAES provides solutions exclusively for roofing and exterior contractors with custom management software and business consulting services that optimize your sales, production, and accounting operations.

While business owners and their administrative team might be adept at the professional skills customers expect, the reputation of a company can often be left vulnerable to the shortcomings of subcontractors and other associates. Whether a sales rep neglects to follow-up with a quote, your supplier loses track of your order, or your subcontractor no-call no-shows, as far as the customer is concerned, the buck stops with you and your company.

That is why Robert Budron founded RAES. His company’s driving idea is that, with the right tools, business owners in the roofing and exterior restoration industry can greatly reduce and even eliminate many of the common problems plaguing their reputation with customers. RAES focuses on developing personalized solutions for roofing and exterior contractors through a combination of technology and consultative business services.

We invite you to learn more about RAES and how they are helping owners take back control over their business, and in the process, RAES the industry standard.





The Future is Certified Roof Inspections

The dawning of a new year puts everyone in the mindset of thinking ahead while reflecting on the past. We pause to realize how much has changed and wonder what lies before us in the year ahead. This isn’t just true when it comes to your personal life. It’s true in the roofing industry, specifically with the increased demand for quality roof inspections.


As your experts in roofing, we’ve seen clear trends emerging in recent years and months. Our decades in the industry give us insight into trends that will be shifting the industry in the coming year. To help you stay ahead, our specialists are sharing our top predictions for roof inspections and our tips for making 2022 a year of growth for your business.



Our Predictions for the Future of Roof Inspections


The techniques, trends, and professional landscape of roof inspections are always changing, and keeping up with those shifts will help you to stay competitive and deliver the highest-quality service to your clients. Here’s a peek into what we expect to see in 2022.


Expansion of High Consumer Expectations


California is a cornerstone of many industries, and it’s a uniquely important player in the nationwide roof inspection market, too. Homeowners and real estate professionals in California expect and require high quality from their roofing contractors as well as their roof inspectors, and this has made it a competitive market where only the best can win. However, we’re seeing more and more Californians leaving the state and moving elsewhere.


As homeowners leave California, they will take their expectations to their new locations throughout the country. As a result, inspectors and contractors across the US should use this opportunity to get accredited through the NRCIA or you will be playing catch up.


Spread of Regulations


Speaking of the Golden State, California has long been a trendsetter in legislation and regulations. Oftentimes, California will make a new policy change or institute a new regulation first. Other states will watch how it goes, learn from any growing pains that appeared, and then implement a similar change with potential tweaks.


We expect this to continue to happen throughout 2022 and beyond. Roof inspectors nationwide should keep an eye on California’s regulations and start planning ways to adjust to those same regulations if and when their own states follow suit. If you do this, you’re less likely to find yourself scrambling to implement the changes when the law does take effect in your state.


Demand for Certification


When it comes to inspections, some markets are more informal than others. In a small rural town, it might be perfectly normal to have the local handyman inspect roofs because he happens to know a lot about construction.


This is likely to change, though. California homeowners, real estate professionals, and insurance professionals demand professional roof inspectors who are certified by the NRCIA. As current and former Californians continue to move throughout the country, the demand for official, specialized, certified roof inspectors will grow nationwide, so certification will become even more vital for your business. Due to the growing demand, certain municipalities are now requiring a roof to be certified during the real estate transaction



How to Keep Up with Rising Consumer Expectations as a Roof Inspector


Our predictions for the years ahead in roof inspections generally carry one theme: increased expectations and demands for higher-quality roof inspectors. To make sure that this works for you instead of against you, follow these top tips.


Continuously Update Your Knowledge


No one is all-knowing in the roof inspections industry. There are always new techniques and improvements that arise, tricks and tools that appear on the scene, and so on. To provide your clients with the best information about their roofs, you need to continually update your knowledge.


There are plenty of ways to do this. NRCIA alone offers online training courses, ride-along opportunities, and more. There are also other online courses, blogs, and seminars you can participate in to hear new ideas and refine your strategies.


Consider Expanding Your Specialization


If you want to grow your business in a competitive market, one option is to expand your expertise and become certified in forensic roof inspection. Not only will the certification open the door for many new opportunities but while you study for your certification, you’re likely to learn more about roof systems. This can make you a better choice even for clients who only need a standard roof inspection.


Get Involved in the Industry Community


No matter how long you’ve been in the business, you have plenty to learn from your fellow roof inspectors. That’s why it is so important to get involved in the roof inspection community and maintain connections with colleagues.


You can network with other inspectors online, attend industry events, interact in online discussion groups, and more. This will help you predict the trends and shifts in the industry much as we’ve done in this article. It’s also a strong business practice because your connections with other professionals often lead to new opportunities and referrals.



Making 2022 Your Best Year in Roof Inspections


The constant changes in our world can make everything feel like moving targets, but there are positives to this state of constant change. We are constantly finding new ways to help clients and deliver more information and higher-quality details in roof inspections, and if you’re keeping up, you can stay at the top of your game and your local market.


To learn more, check out our guide to becoming an NRCIA.



New Preferred Partner: The Roofer’s Helper


NRCIA is excited to announce our new partnership with The Roofer’s Helper!


The Roofer’s Helper is a media company that provides roofing resources for contractors and homeowners, and promotes roofing contractors and vendors on social media and the web.


Their roofing resources provide contractors with helpful information, tips, and news that are needed to build a successful roofing venture.


Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to stay up-to-date on the one of the biggest networks of roofers



Becoming an NRCIA Authorized Company



A roofing company that wants to expand its business, or even potentially add a new revenue stream can earn accreditation with the NRCIA. Whether the roofing company is considering one inspector or a full team, we can accommodate any type of company.


NRCIA Membership


There are several membership levels open, each with more ways to gain new business. Members beyond the affiliate level will receive our LeakFREE training to understand the NRCIA’s process and procedures. 


Inspectors receive training on NRCIA’s 5-zone inspection process and how to provide their clients with a photo-centric inspection report using proprietary inspection software. NRCIA’s reporting process refines the consultation process enabling roofers to review and offer guaranteed and warrantied services for their customers. 


Any roofing contractor that selects to join NRCIA also joins our growing network of roofing contractors and receives unqualified leads when property owners contact the NRCIA. Learn more about the benefits and ROI of being an NRCIA member by reviewing our success guides.


NRCIA Authorized Company


Becoming an NRCIA’s Authorized Contractor allows the contractor to sign up their entire roofing team. This is a great opportunity for continuing education in the contractor’s field and industry, so the contractor can work to expand on offering services to grow their revenue streams. 


This team-based membership allows company administrators to manage multiple inspectors. Small and medium-sized companies can multiply their income, especially in highly-dense residential areas with this membership.

Case Study


Paid inspection appointments create qualified leads. By producing thorough NRCIA inspection reports, their conversions from appointments into jobs and certifications increased.

Additionally, the sale of NRCIA’s LeakFREE® roof certifications turned into a source of recurring revenue, as annual maintenance inspections are required as a condition of certification.


Interested in joining, but want to talk with someone first? Schedule a demo today!




What is a LeakFREE® Guarantee?

NRCIA Certified Inspectors specialize in providing high-quality roof inspections and certifications for residential and commercial properties. NRCIA’s LeakFREE® roof inspections provide actionable insight into a roof system and the LeakFREE® roof certification guarantees the integrity of the roof system. 


LeakFREE® roof inspections


The NRCIA maximizes roof life by using its proprietary inspection process to inspect the roof. Following the NRCIA roof inspection protocols, a trained NRCIA Certified® roof inspector begins the five-zone LeakFREE® roof inspection by examining the interior, accessible attic, and attached garage to examine any visual evidence of a roof leak.



Evidence found in the first three zones informs the roof inspector of what to inspect when they reach the rooftop. At the fourth zone, the inspector examines the building’s perimeter to look for further evidence of leaks or damage, such as water stains and dry rot. After these observations are complete, the inspector moves to the roof and performs a visual, non-destructive examination. Each roof type and material has different critical areas, and the specialist is trained to pay special attention to these potential trouble spots.



LeakFREE® roof certification


NRCIA’s LeakFREE® Roof Certification is more than a workmanship warranty. With the LeakFREE® Roof Certification, you can have total assurance that your entire roof — not just the repair site — will remain leak-free for the duration of your certification period. If a LeakFREE® roof experiences problems during a certification period, your NRCIA inspector will fix the problem. 


The inspectors or contractors need to be certified through the NRCIA to file this type of service. If issues arise or claims need to be filed; there is a simple process for the homeowner to follow to get their roof system in peak condition again.


The LeakFREE® Roof Certification guarantee is never prorated and will last up to ten years before another inspection and recertification need to be done on the roof in question. Some warranties and inspections will pro-rate the timeline. The LeakFREE® roof certification and warranty are valid up to ten years from the date the repairs and maintenance were completed. 



The Guarantee


Residential and commercial owners are guaranteed quality, detailed work from NRCIA professionals that will leave owners assured of the health and safety of their roof system. LeakFREE services can only be offered by active & credentialed NRCIA members. 



Are you interested in becoming an NRCIA Inspector?

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How To Be A Roofing Authority

When you become a Certified NRCIA Roof Inspector, you become an expert. Your certification brings authority to your work, and it is often under-utilized by inspectors. Here are tips to help build your credibility when working with clients.

1. Look and act the part of a professional

We avoid judging books by their covers, but everyone still makes snap judgments on first impressions. That is why it is vital to make sure you project your expertise.

+ Arrive 15 minutes early to prepare for your upcoming appointment. If you know you may be late (traffic, unexpected events, etc..), make sure to call your client and inform them that you will be late and give them an updated ETA.

+ Wear and tuck in a collared shirt that displays your NRCIA patch (need additional patches? email us at

+ Organize your tools. Whether it is the tools in your truck or the tools you carry in your belt, keep things tidy.

+ Treat the client’s house like it is your house: always wear shoe covers and be diligent when going through exterior doors keeping pets in and pests out.

+ Follow up with requested materials and reports as soon as you can. The recommended turnaround time is 24 hours.

2. Introduce yourself as a certified inspector

When meeting or calling the client for the first time, introduce yourself with your NRCIA credentials. The client will feel reassured because they know they are working with an expert.

Example of a poor introduction

Hi. I am Bill, a roofer with Bob’s Roofing Company.

Example of a great introduction

Hi. I am Bill, an NRCIA Certified Roof Inspector with Bob’s Roofing Company.

Introduce yourself and your company with a smile even when on a phone call. Your smile will come through in your voice, and it will establish a friendly and professional encounter.

“Expressions that one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back” – Dale Carnegie: How To Win Friends & Influence People

3. Complete the right type of inspection

Listen to your clients carefully. Understand their needs and their goals. Then use the information provided to correctly identify the service they need and the price of your inspection. Your expertise is valuable; charge for your services accordingly. Every customer wants quality work and understands that extra attention to detail costs more.

Knowing when to recommend different inspections will help address the client’s need and ensure that you are getting paid the true value of your labor. Correctly identifying the service type will also save time during the inspection and reporting process. Refer to our pricing guide and our inspection type decision tree for more help. These resources are also great to share with your assistant or support team.

4. Tell don’t sell

You are their roofing consultant. Educating your clients about your work and their roof system is more effective than selling them jobs. If you can effectively communicate with your clients, address their issues, and provide the proper solution, you will not need to rely on selling as much. Show how your services can help solve their problems. Trust that the inspection process and your professionalism will do the work in securing jobs.

This is key for inspections when the client is not requesting roof work, just a third-party roof inspection. Your assistance and guidance in solving their problem will give you the advantage over competitors. If you try to sell them something they expressly do not want, you will hurt the opportunity and potentially your credibility with the client.

Lastly, inspectors should try to show clients the problems they observed before they leave the inspection site. Briefly walking the client through each point helps the client understand your work. This helps to build better trust and communication between you and the client.

5. Communicate effectively

Avoid using technical jargon with clients. Inspectors should use simple terms that are easy to understand.

Additionally, it is okay to not know something. If this happens, let clients know that you do not know the answer, but you will research the question and get back to them. Honesty, humility, and transparency go a long way and help you avoid embarrassing situations. The last thing you should do is talk about something you do not know. Whether it is pricing or problems, pretending to know something will only hurt your relationship with the client.

Answer all questions before leaving a job site or ending a call. Let the clients talk through their questions and practice active listening. At the end of each call or conversation, take care to explicitly state or write the next steps.

Closing Inspection Example:

I appreciate you letting Bob’s Roofing Company help you with your roofing needs. If I have answered all of your questions, I will return to my office to begin working on the roof inspection report. You can expect to have your inspection report within 24 hours. I would love to answer any additional questions after you have had the time to review our report. Have a wonderful day!

6. Trust yourself

You are a Certified Roof Inspector. Lean into who you are, and if you complete your work following the NRCIA process, everything else will fall into place.

It may take some time to navigate what educational jargon to use and the proper way to relay critical information, but your client is hiring you because of your expertise, your reputation, and now your accreditation.

Be confident in yourself, your knowledge, and your services, and know your worth because it is valuable.

Have questions? Want to talk to an NRCIA instructor to discuss roofing or inspection issues? Contact us at

5 Zone Roof Inspection with Paul

Paul and our members at Cert-A-Roof have teamed up to provide another deep dive into the inspection process. NRCIA’s inspection standards and procedures are the most thorough and transparent in the roofing industry. Our members aim to provide you with accurate and actionable insight into your roof’s health.

Follow along as Paul (NRCIA Member #001011) takes you through an NRCIA LeakFREE® Roof Inspection. He will guide you through the 5-zone roof inspection and provide in-depth commentary on what NRCIA inspectors will be looking for during their inspection.

Learn how the NRCIA and our Certified Roof Inspectors provide a world-class inspection on every roof!


Interested in becoming an inspector? 

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NRCIA Roof Inspection with Paul

Your roof’s health is important. A roof inspection is a great way to extend the lifespan of your roof system. However, it can be hard to understand exactly what inspectors are looking for during roof inspections or what their proposals mean for you after they complete the inspection.


Many roof inspectors provide either vague details or go overboard with technical jargon. The NRCIA provides homeowners’ peace of mind by providing a comprehensive, actionable, and understandable diagnosis of their roof’s health.


Follow along as Paul (NRCIA Member #001011) takes you through an NRCIA LeakFREE® Roof Inspection. He will guide you through the 5-zone roof inspection and provide in-depth commentary on what NRCIA inspectors will be looking for during their inspection.


Learn how the NRCIA and our Certified Roof Inspectors provide a world-class inspection on every roof!


Interested in becoming an inspector? 

Interested in having your roof inspected by an NRCIA member?