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NRCIA Membership

Membership with the NRCIA offers many benefits that can help you gain a competitive advantage by expanding your roofing services and equipping you to serve your work with excellence through our end-to-end roof inspection and certification solution.

Expand your roofing services.

As an NRCIA member, you can earn additional income by conducting proprietary roof inspections and issuing LeakFREE® Roof Certifications. Our certified roof inspectors can immediately create tangible income opportunities by offering these proprietary service lines to their existing and prospective clients or by accepting NRCIA leads through our up-to-the-minute lead generation.

Serve your work with excellence.

With an NRCIA membership, you will have access to our professional accreditation, flexible, online inspection and certification training portfolio, the use of our NRCIA logo and exclusive trademarks (such as LeakFREE®), proprietary inspection reporting, estimating and certifying software with a built-in CRM (available online or on our smartphone app), various product and service discounts to outfit your roofing business, and even a customized ride-along training program opportunity in California.

Are you ready to increase your income potential today? Register now to become a certified NRCIA member!

Case Study – Cert A Roof





Paid inspection appointments create qualified leads. By producing thorough NRCIA inspection reports, their conversions from appointments into jobs and certifications increased.


Additionally, the sale of NRCIA’s LeakFREE® roof certifications turned into a source of recurring revenue, as annual maintenance inspections are required as a condition of certification.