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In 1995, the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCIA) was born out of the evolution of the home inspection industry and its eventual standard to refer and defer any roof damage to a certified roof inspector. Today, the NRCIA has become THE authority in LeakFREE® roof protection by leading the industry in roof inspections and certifications.

The NRCIA advocates for the integrity of a roofing system by a set of standards tied to proper roof installation and maintenance, as well as the integrity of roof inspectors by a code tied to proper methods and procedures to inspect roofing systems. Our name stands for excellence in property care by improving and standardizing the way roofs are inspected, maintained, and certified so that there is no unexpected loss of property due to normal wear-and-tear. The association specializes in providing the real estate community with the confidence that a LeakFREE® roof protects their property investment through:

1. Empowering roof inspectors and contractors and providing them with an end-to-end solution including professional accreditation, thorough inspection and certification training, on-the-job tools like our inspection reporting, estimating and certifying software, among many other member benefits; and
2. Actively connecting the real estate community with NRCIA-certified roof inspectors and contractors to provide the greatest roof assurance in every real estate transaction.

The purpose of the NRCIA naturally complements and supplements the purpose of several other roofing and home service associations, and many of our members hold dual memberships.

NRCIA Mission

NRCIA is passionately dedicated to bringing exceptional confidence and credibility to the roof inspection industry by providing small roofing companies with an end-to-end solution for roof inspections and roof certifications.

NRCIA Vision

A world-class inspection and certification on every roof.

By advocating for the integrity of both roofing systems and roof inspectors, the real estate community will prefer NRCIA members for their roofing needs. By educating the real estate community and roofing industry, the NRCIA will improve the roofing profession’s image, and homeowners will have a greater sense of protection and peace of mind.

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