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Why Are NRCIA Inspectors & Inspections Different?

The NRCIA provides confidence for homeowners and property managers through our standards. NRCIA builds the integrity of the inspection industry by standardizing a roof inspection process that is both thorough and transparent.

Our name stands for excellence in property care by improving and standardizing roof inspections, maintenance, and certifications so that there is no unexpected loss of property due to normal wear and tear. 

NRCIA Inspectors

Our Inspectors provide world-class inspections and certifications on every roof. Each NRCIA Certified® Roof Inspector completes our thorough training regime to acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding of our inspection process.

Additionally, Certified® Roof Inspectors are held to NRCIA’s standards and values. They must serve their clients with honesty, transparency, and reliability. 

All of this is evident in each inspection and certification report you receive from an NRCIA Inspector. These reports are thorough, photo-centric, and transparent. Our Roof Inspectors aim to be educational consultants who help you find the best solution for your roofing needs.

NRCIA Inspections 

The NRCIA maximizes a roof’s serviceable life by using its proprietary five-zone inspection process to examine roof systems. Following the NRCIA roof inspection protocols, a trained NRCIA Certified® Roof Inspector begins the five-zone LeakFREE® roof inspection by examining the interior, accessible attic, and attached garage to find any visual evidence of a roof leak. Any evidence found in the first three zones informs the roof inspector of where to look more closely when they inspect the perimeter and rooftop.

In the fourth zone, the inspector examines the building’s perimeter to look for further evidence of leaks or damage, such as water stains and dry rot. After these observations are complete, the inspector moves to the roof and performs a visual, non-destructive examination. Each roof type and material has its common critical areas, and NRCIA roof specialists train to pay special attention to these potential trouble spots.