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SB721 California Balcony and Deck Inspection Bill


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Last updated January 2022, California Senate Bill 721 (SB 721) pertains to the inspection and maintenance of balconies and other elevated exterior elements of certain buildings. The bill was introduced in response to a tragic incident in Berkeley, California in 2015, where a balcony collapsed, resulting in several fatalities and injuries.


SB 721 imposes inspection and reporting requirements on property owners, particularly for buildings with three or more multifamily dwelling units. The bill mandates regular inspections of exterior elevated elements, such as balconies and decks, to ensure their structural integrity and safety. Property owners are required to hire qualified inspectors to conduct these inspections and provide reports to local building departments.


It’s important to note that laws and regulations can be amended or updated, so there may have been changes to SB 721 or new legislation since my last update. Therefore, I recommend checking the latest sources, such as the official California legislative website or consulting with legal professionals, to get the most current and accurate information regarding SB 721 or any related regulations.

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: Training videos can offer a comprehensive overview of the requirements outlined in SB 721. This can be particularly valuable for property owners, managers, and inspectors who need a clear understanding of the legislation, including its provisions and compliance measures.


  1. Visual Learning Experience: Videos provide a visual learning experience, which can enhance understanding and retention of complex information. Visual aids, demonstrations, and real-life examples in training videos can make it easier for individuals to grasp the nuances of the law and its practical applications.


  1. Convenient Learning Format: Training videos allow for on-demand learning, offering flexibility to individuals who can access the content at their own pace and convenience. This format is especially beneficial for busy professionals who may prefer to learn during their own time.


  1. Access to Expert Insights: If the training videos are developed by experts or professionals in the field, participants can benefit from their insights and experience. This can provide practical knowledge and tips that may not be readily available through written materials alone.


  1. Stay Updated with Changes: Given that laws and regulations can evolve, training videos may be regularly updated to reflect any changes or amendments to SB 721. Staying informed about updates is crucial for individuals involved in property management, inspections, or related fields.


  1. Certification and Credibility: Some training programs may offer certification upon completion. This certification can enhance the credibility of individuals in their professional roles, demonstrating to clients, employers, or regulatory bodies that they have received training and are knowledgeable about SB 721 compliance.


Before investing in any training program, it’s essential to research and verify the credentials of the organization providing the training, the content’s accuracy, and whether it aligns with the most recent legislation. Additionally, consider reading reviews or seeking recommendations from professionals in the field who have undergone similar training.


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