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LeakFREE® Roof Certifications

NRCIA’s LeakFREE® Roof Certification is more than a workmanship warranty. With the LeakFREE® Roof Certification, you can have total assurance that your entire roof — not just the repair site — will remain leak-free for the full duration of your certification period.

If you are a property buyer, bank, mortgage company, or real estate broker, insist on a LeakFREE® Roof Certification from a trained NRCIA inspector. The NRCIA is the only national authority to standardize and regulate the roof certification, and our LeakFREE® roof certification is designed to serve and protect the public. Only NRCIA members can provide the LeakFREE® roof certification guarantee.

Fineprint In A Nutshell

The NRCIA member issuing your LeakFREE® roof certification will repair any leaks not discovered during their inspections and any leaks due to normal wear and tear on your entire roof during the certification period at no cost to certificate holders. And, if they performed roof work, the member will also repair any leaks due to their workmanship defects. Other advantages include:

* Multiple limits of service and certification lengths * Priority roof inspections and other roof-related services * Assistance in filing storm trauma insurance claims * Transferable to an unlimited number of successor owners * Renewable upon re-inspection * May reduce insurance premiums * May increase a property’s selling value

However, just like car maintenance, certification-holders are required to schedule an annual maintenance inspection and satisfy any actionable items resulting from the maintenance inspection as a condition of certification. Additionally, storm trauma and damage caused by third parties are expressly excluded from the warranty.

Why Go LeakFREE®?

A LeakFREE® roof certification has many advantages over any other certifications or warranties found in the industry.

First, the LeakFREE® certification is prepared by the leading national authority of roof inspections and certifications the NRCIA. The NRCIA provides the only standardized certification, which offers greater predictability, consistent quality, and easier compliance, making it widely accepted by FHA, VA, banks, and insurance companies.

Second, the LeakFREE® certification is the first of its kind: a wear-and-tear warranty and workmanship warranty hybrid. This extensive magic combination provides well-rounded protection for property owners that they can’t find in insurance policies or home warranties. Wear-and-tear warranties are highly unlikely to be found in the roofing industry, and the usual workmanship warranty is found to be lacking or even illegitimate.

Third, it is a multiple-page, legally binding proactive document with clear steps to file a claim. Other certifications or warranties found in the industry are often a simple, one-page passive warranty on company letterhead, which does not command buyer confidence or peace of mind.

Fourth, it is issued by a reputable NRCIA professionally accreditated member, not just any unverified local roofer that could close, move, or vanish, leaving their warranties unsubstantiated and the buyer unprotected.

Fifth, while the LeakFREE® roof certification is non-prorated, which means that as long as the certification is active, the covered cost does not diminish over time, other warranties found in the industry prorate their warranties to limit liability.

Sixth, it is a federally protected document that warrants your roof to remain LeakFREE® for a term up to 10 years, at which point it may be renewed upon re-inspection. The elected certification term is objectively dependent on what was discovered in the LeakFREE® roof inspection, as well as the roof slope and chosen roofing materials, rather than subjectively (and often deceptively) lengthened to gain the sale as some newer roofers do.

Seventh, many cities and states require certifications before a home is sold, and ours is the only nationwide roof certification to meet all requirements.

In addition to this, having your roof certified LeakFREE® offers the assurance that only comes with a thorough examination and analysis of the interior, attic, garage, perimeter, and rooftop. This is something that home inspectors, who only conduct a lightweight roof inspection, if any, are unable to provide.

Once a roof meets our professional roof inspection criteria, the LeakFREE® roof certification can be granted signifying that the roof has undergone an extensive inspection and is now able to remain leak-free for the entire certification period.