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NRCIA-Branded Material for Forensic Inspectors

NRCIA-branded material is limited to its active members and is provided as a benefit of membership. If your membership becomes inactive, you must remove all NRCIA branded material from your property (website, business cards, vehicles, forms, etc..) within 24 hours.


Instructions for access:


Logo & Badges


Click the zip file link to download your the NRCIA branded material – Logo & Badges Zip File




The trademarks are yours to utilize in conjunction with approved NRCIA processes. These are the trademarks your membership levels gives you access to use:


NRCIA Certified® 

Certification PLUS® 

Roof Certification PLUS®

Forensic ROOF®

NRCIA Forensic®


Instructions for use:


Logo & Badges


1. Upload the desired logo, badges, and trademarks to your website and other company material

2. Use the NRICA style guide to verify the proper use of the NRCIA logo and/or badges

3.* Hyperlink the digital logo and badges to this web address:

*It is highly recommended to link the NRCIA logo/badges to the membership directory. This helps your clients verify your credentials and boosts your credibility.




Hyperlink each instance of the trademark use back to an NRCIA resource. This helps build credibility and confidence when educating clients about the process. Below, each trademark is matched with its appropriate hyperlink address.


LeakFREE® + = LeakFREE®

NRCIA Certified® +  = NRCIA Certified® 

Certification PLUS® +  = Certification PLUS® 

Roof Certification PLUS® + = Roof Certification PLUS®

Forensic ROOF® + = Forensic ROOF®

NRCIA Forensic® + = NRCIA Forensic®


Limitations of use:

1. Do not crop or edit the logos or badges

2. If you resize the picture, keep the dimensions the same (e.g., do not make the logo a rectangle)

3. Trademarks must have the registered trademark icon: ®

4. Branded material may only be used in association with approved NRCIA processes

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