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NRCIA-Branded Material for Affiliates

NRCIA-branded material is limited to its active members and is provided as a benefit of membership. If your membership becomes inactive, you must remove all NRCIA branded material from your property (website, business cards, vehicles, forms, etc..) within 24 hours.


Instructions for access:


Click the zip file link to download your the NRCIA branded material – Logo & Badges Zip File


Instructions for use:


1. Upload the desired logo, badges, and trademarks to your website and other company material

2. Use the NRICA style guide to verify the proper use of the NRCIA logo and/or badges

3.* Hyperlink the digital logo and badges to this web address:

*It is highly recommended to link the NRCIA logo/badges to the membership directory. This helps your clients verify your credentials and boosts your credibility.


Limitations of use:

1. Do not crop or edit the logos or badges

2. If you resize the picture, keep the dimensions the same (e.g., do not make the logo a rectangle)

4. Branded material may only be used in association with approved NRCIA processes

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