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Marketing Your Expertise

Certified experience is a valuable asset for any professional. Understanding how to utilize your expertise to boost your marketing will help promote your business further.

The NRCIA standardized training and inspection processes hone in on developing experts who are credible, reliable, and trustworthy. Those characteristics are high-value drivers for your clients.

It sounds simple, but NRCIA inspectors see an increase in their job leads because clients can trust that the inspector will show up on time, do the work that was contracted, and receive a professional dissection of the roof.

As a certified NRCIA inspector, you can further your business goals by using your credentials to market yourself. We have reviewed 100s of experts’ opinions on the matter and have created a highlights sheet that will help you get started.


1. Look like an expert


Dress appropriately and have all the necessary equipment with you. Use your NRCIA badges, credentials, and branding on your’s businesses materials (shirts, websites, trucks, forms, etc..)


2. Build relationships 


Join 2 or 3 real estate-related organizations to get to know those agents, home inspectors, and other professionals who can help you land more jobs.

You can use this link to find local associations in your state: Realtor Associations by State


3. Share your expertise


Whether it is talking with colleagues, being a co-host on a webinar, or speaking at a conference. Take advantage of every opportunity to share your knowledge. This will help improve your business’s visibility in the target market.


4. Be consistent


Create a marketing schedule and goals. Set smart goals that are achievable and realistic. Remember a simple plan is better than no plan at all.

You can use this link to see an example of a simple plan: Marketing Plan Template


5. Keep learning


Maintaining your expertise is a career-long pursuit. Maintain an open mind and listen to your industry peers. A good rule of thumb is to read or watch 1 – 2 sources of industry news and trends every week. 

here are two good places to start: Roofers Coffee Shop & Roofers Magazine

Above all, have a warrior spirit. The rewards you reap are linked to how much work you put in. Work hard, make mistakes, and improve!

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