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What does it cost for a LeakFREE Certification?

To get a LeakFREE® Roof Certification, a VisualROOF® inspection is required first by an NRCIA member. The inspection fee is typically $200, not including rare variable costs, for homes up to 2500 sq. ft. If the roof meets the LeakFREE® Roof Certification criteria, then a LeakFREE Certification is $350 for a 2 year period for up to 2500 sq. ft. If the inspector finds that the roof has deficiencies, the s/he will give a VisualROOF® Inspection Report with color photographs detailing those deficiencies and a proposal for repairs to qualify the roof for Certification. Inspections and Certifications are available for higher sq. ft. as well as for longer Certification periods for an additional cost.

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