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JT Inspection Services (NRCIA Member)

I would like to take the time to give my appreciation to the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCIA). Since completing the Roof Inspection and Forensic Roof inspection courses, my inspection service work load has doubled. The NRCIA training and inspection protocol is one of the best that I have encountered and I feel it has provided my home inspections a level of professionalism that has set me apart in the industry. Your protocol and certification provided me the missing piece to my ‘one stop shop’ concept for home inspections. Its emphasis on attention to detail and the layered procedure for inspecting roofs is fundamental in providing my clients with a solid understanding of the state of their roof before purchase. I appreciate the simplistic yet exhaustive results I obtain using your protocol. Time management is a huge deal when you are self-employed; your Visual Inspection methodology’s efficiency reduces my onsite time yet produces superior results. As they say ‘Time is Money.’ But more importantly, in home inspections, accuracy is money. I have had great success in definitively identifying the current state of my clients’ roofs, with no call backs or missed items. Lastly, having the NRCIA logo is a great enhancement to any report and marketing. The logo provides a level of legitimacy that I enjoy and sets my inspections above my peers who are required to defer any roof damage to a ‘certified roofer.’ The logo on my marketing and reporting instantly let’s my potential clients know that I am certified in roof inspections through a national training association and that they are getting a better inspection!

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