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Cert-A-Roof (NRCIA Member)

Since joining the NRCIA, we have greatly benefited from its professional credentials, trademarks, training, inspection reporting and estimating software, and CRM to keep our small business on track for growth and success. Not only did it create additional revenue streams through inspections and certifications, but we also gained a significant competitive advantage through their recognizable “seal” as well as their thorough and professional inspection reports. Every report and proposal that goes out is generated through their simple yet effective online system, and the finished report has undeniably increased my conversion rate on jobs. In my experience, customers prefer a roofer who is NRCIA-certified over one who is not. I even use it to justify our premium pricing and reduce company liability in an honest, clear, and transparent way to all of our customers. I’m so grateful that NRCIA’s membership has taken me to a level of great success at such an early age, and I know I will be a member for life.

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