Become an NRCIA Roofing Professional

A National Roof Certification and Roof Inspections professional member agrees to comply with the integrity concepts promulgated by the NRCIA. You agree that roofers should strive for professional presentation, conduct and customer service. The NRCIA provides the necessary resources to assist the roofing professional with creating, maintaining and advocating for these standards.

Roof Professional - $500/Year

Contractors who join as a Professional member receive the following benefits:
  1.   * Inclusion in the membership directory (including assistance developing a great profile);
  2.   * Use of the Professional logo, patches, decals and marketing material;
  3.   * Monthly Newsletter;
  4.   * Access to the Training Portfolio;
  5.   * Discounts up to 25% for training courses, some are free;
  6.   * Site Log-In to the Resource Library (see description page about the library);
  7.   * Homeowner repair requests are forwarded to you ($150 per lead).
  NRCIA Certified Logo Professional Member

Please be sure to review our Terms & Conditions for a full understanding of the use of the trademarks, logos and the NRCIA name. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed within a few hours and you will receive a welcome e-mail from us. The e-mail will fully detail the next set of steps and how to take advantage of this level of membership.  Please feel free to explore the other levels and note their distinct advantages related to revenue generation.

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