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Asphalt based shingles have four layers. During the aging process the two asphalt layers begin to contract around the base mat layer. The base mat layer is commonly a fiberglass layer and will not shrink. As the asphalt layers contract they will pull on the mat layer causing it to pull away from the layer of shingle underneath giving the edge a curl look. Typical curling looks like this with shingle roofs: OR It is
Having your roof repaired or replaced is a daunting endeavor. There will literally be four to six workers on your roof making noise and exposing your property to potential water intrusion if not conducted properly. The financial exposure is significant given the potential losses, and this is with homeowner’s insurance. So how do you select a professional roofing contractor to minimize this risk and ensure that your roof project is executed in the best possible
Many roofing contractors offer a ‘Free’ estimate for services to your roof. From the homeowner’s perspective, this is a price to perform the services they explain. However, estimates are just that; in accordance with Webster’s Dictionary, estimates are “an approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something”. In general, you want an accurate assessment of what it will cost to perform the services and supply the materials to do the
Your roof pitch plays a critical role in determining the cost to replace your roof. As the pitch increases, the volume of materials needed increases at an increasing rate. In effect, the cost of the roof goes higher at incrementally increasing rates. Look at this basic illustration of a roof pitch. As the pitch increases, more surface area is required to meet the rise of the roof. Look at the angles of various roof pitches
No other step is so important as the roofing contractor providing insurance when it comes time to perform work on your home. Your failure to ensure that coverage exists exposes you to the possibility of a lawsuit. Think about this for a moment. You have workers on the roof of your home and one of them falls and requires medical care. Who pays for that accident? If your contractor isn’t carrying insurance at the time
As a homeowner, you are concerned about the integrity of your roof. Is it leaking? Will it start leaking soon? Many questions exist and you need someone to provide answers. Well, a professional roofing contractor will provide answers. The better trained professional roofers listen to your concerns, evaluate the situation and then if necessary provide a proposal to you to resolve the problem. The following sections describe and illustrate what you should expect during that
As a homeowner, you should only expect the best from your roofing contractor. Professional roofing contractors present proposals with three pricing structures: good, better and best. Well prepared proposals clarify the respective value the three price points provide. For homeowners, each price point provides distinct advantages over the other two. Your decision model as to which price point to select often ties to the respective value advantages you seek. The following three subsections help homeowners
NRCIA membership
NRCIA is The Industry Leader for the entire roof inspection, repair, and certification process in Sacramento, California. We have a proprietary LeakFREE® system which guarantees that your house will be ready for sale or enjoyable living. All our roofing contractors and roof inspectors go through the rigorous NRCIA certification program. They are trained to perform inspections and issue LeakFREE® Certifications for all residential and commercial roofs in Sacramento. LeakFREE® Certification is the Premium Standard Our certified inspectors
The NRCIA added a foundational course that introduces the basics behind the LeakFREE® Certification.
NRCIA becomes THE authority in LeakFREE® roof protection NRCIA certifies over 1,000 roof inspectors NRCIA becomes THE authority in LeakFREE® roof protection NRCIA certifies over 1,000 roof inspectors NRCIA stands for excellence in property care: improving the way roofs are inspected and maintained so that there is no unexpected loss of property due to normal wear and tear. Our association specializes in providing the real estate community with confidence that a LeakFREE® roof protects their investment or asset

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