Got Leaks?

NRCIA members are national experts in determining the source of your roof leaks, stopping and fixing the leaks with our proprietary roofing application, and certifying that your roof will remain LeakFREE® for the duration of the certification period. Only NRCIA members can provide LeakFREE® roof certification.

Our members provide high-quality roof inspection and certification for residential and commercial industries. Offering a broad range of services that include roof repairs, re-roof, new roof install and help with storm damage to roofing, our highly skilled and certified roofing technicians are equipped to work on any roof project. Our expert technician figures out the issue and resolves it instantly, minimizing the potential for it to become worse and even more expensive to have repaired.

Residential Services

NRCIA-Roof-ContractorIs your roof having leakage problems? NRCIA ensures that your roof protects your property and its content. Our members are specialized in residential roofing, taking pride in our roof repairs, new roof installs, and roof maintenance programs. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, superior materials, credentialed contractors, and enthusiastic customer service makes us the best roofing association.

Commercial Services

NRCIA Commercial MemberBuilding your commercial roofing tasks has never been easier than it is presently, with services provided by NRCIA members. We are experts in professionally installed high-quality roofing and waterproofing systems for any size of commercial construction projects. We are experts in diagnosing your roof leaks and solving the toughest roofing problems.

Find an NRCIA Member

NRCIA Members are licensed on a yearly basis to perform roof inspections and issue LeakFREE® roof certifications. Before an individual is allowed to join the association, they must complete the application and satisfy the membership committee that they are proficient in roofing knowledge and will adhere to the strict NRCIA standards and code of ethics. Our members are rated on a 5-star system, and must provide top quality service in order to maintain their high ranking.

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