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NRCIA Values and Code of Ethics

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Above all, the NRCIA values safety because if we are safe, then we can continue serving you best.

World-Class Customer Service

We strive to maintain integrity and excellence in all of our programs and services. We take pride and ownership in all that we do and say by being professional and respectful. Our clients™ agreed-upon needs are always met regardless of personal wants. Quality and efficiency will always delight the client while staying within budget limitations.

Warrior Spirit

We value having a warrior spirit. This means that we take initiative, we are proactive, we persevere, we problem solve, we are engaged, and we are courageous.

Servant™s Heart

We demonstrate our servant's heart by being an active listener, relational, sympathetic, by caring, by doing things in good will, and by doing things that we know cannot be repaid to us.


Code of Ethics

Be sensitive to the needs of the customer while performing work in a top quality and timely manner
Do what is required and back it up with performance
On Time Performance
Always show up on time
Superior Service
A LeakFREE® certificate holder takes priority over new business
Pride of Workmanship 
Ensure that all work is done in the highest standards
Be precise in the inspection reports
Respect peoples property and time
Integrity and Accountability
Always demonstrate integrity and accountability
Always be thankful for what has been given to you and give back
Your Trust
Be trustworthy to the NRCIA, your clients and members

Opportunities for Home Inspectors and Contractors

Roof Inspector CertificationOur Certification Program has created new roofing inspector professionals. Join the nationally recognized National Roof Certification and Inspection Association and receive the Benefits and the Business!

  • NRCIA becomes THE authority in LeakFREE® roof protection
  • NRCIA certifies over 1,000 roof inspectors 
Is Your Roof NRCIA Certified?
The NRCIA added a foundational course that introduces the basics behind the LeakFREE® Certification.

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