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Our main objective is to train roofers who will specialize in prevention rather than repair. Prevention costs far less than replacing a whole roof or even the damage of leaks into the framework of the home. By building relationships with realtors, mortgage, and insurance companies, more rooftops than ever before will have a proper inspection that is documented, recorded and accessible.



The mission of the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association (NRCIA) is to provide the real estate community with confidence that a LeakFREE roof protects their investment or asset for the duration of the certification period.



The vision of the NRCIA is to be a unique association that not only provides training and education to its members, but also create jobs nationwide. This can be accomplish by working with realtors and educating them on the danger of selling or buying a home with an uninspected roof. 

The NRCIA is the governance for its members. Although roofing companies are affiliated with the NRCIA, only individuals are licensed on a yearly basis to perform inspections and issue LeakFREE® Roof Certifications. Before an individual is allowed to join the association, they must complete the application and satisfy the membership committee that they are proficient in roofing knowledge and will adhere to the NRCIA standards and code of ethics. Members are rated on a 5 star system, and must provide top quality service in order to maintain their high ranking.


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Opportunities for Home Inspectors and Contractors

Roof Inspector CertificationOur Certification Program has created new roofing inspector professionals. Join the nationally recognized National Roof Certification and Inspection Association and receive the Benefits and the Business!

  • NRCIA becomes THE authority in LeakFREE® roof protection
  • NRCIA certifies over 1,000 roof inspectors 
Is Your Roof NRCIA Certified?
The NRCIA added a foundational course that introduces the basics behind the LeakFREE® Certification.

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